Have you ever asked yourself why when some people are talking or saying something, a lot withdraw their attention, others even start talking while some could even sleep.

How many times have you heard people saying “HAPANA ZVAARIKUTAURA UYU” (He is saying nothing) when one has rubbed sweat five times speaking on top of their voice?

No one can render an ear to senseless and meaningless vocals. There are also those who are verbose, know that you will just be talking to yourself. Unmute and start talking sense.

Don’t be good and pushing words out without thinking through them first. People are not interested in out of topic and irrelevant presentations and conversations. You would rather save your energy and get schooled first.

Unmute. Stop saying things that add no value to mankind. You can only speak out of that which you know. So without sufficient knowledge in an area, you’ll quickly run dry and make noise rather than contributions.

Make your contributions worthwhile. Learn something new in your area of interest daily. Mingle with people with brains. Enrol for that short course so that when you stand before people you will be unmuted and speaking into their lives.

I know there are a number who are or have been muted for sometime. If your talk doesn’t add value, then know that you’re muted and you need to unmute and make sense.

Dr Kudzanai Vere

Dr Kudzanai Vere is an internationally acclaimed transformational speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship and business, organisation development, leadership development, personal development and financial literacy. He is a published author of four books, a Sunday Mail Columnist on entrepreneurship, a ZBC TV Good morning Zimbabwe resource person and the CEO of Kudfort Zimbabwe. Dr Vere is the director of programs at the Institute Of Entrepreneurs Zimbabwe

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