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“All businesses starts the same, what differentiates them are the systems that the owners choose to implement in pursuit of their vision”

It is in my best interest to see businesses grow from point 001 through all the digits of the number line to levels that are not only beneficial to the individual, but to the society, country and the world at large. In this case, I am talking about growth that will impact economies locally and internationally. Having worked with a number of indigenous business people for a number of years now, I have noted with great concern the lack of accountability systems in their operations to an extent that some will not even know how much they would have made in sales terms and profit per month.

Research has indicated that, all the great economies in the world are hinged on a collectivity of indigenous effort, enterprising in various areas of the economy and adding on to the GPD of their economies. Such levels of business can only be achieved when there are in place succinct systems that clearly pronounces how work must be done and how the proceeds are to be measured, safeguarded and invested for the sustainability and growth of the business.

It is aganist this background that, we should help each other at least equip our businesses with systems that will not only saveguard our valuables, but informs us on the growth trajectory that the business is on and helps us make informed decisions on the business. Businessman and woman of the day should be miles away from the century old business habits of our forefathers that led to so many delapidated business premises in most of the countries growth points, what has only remained is the name of the general dealer on the walls left. We need to create generational businesses build on concrete business principles and practices tailor made to suite our different sizes and environments.

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