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Become a person of substance.

You were not created to compete for oxygen with animals on this planet waiting for your exit time. You were created for a purpose which you must fulfill before you expire. The whole world needs your unique contribution that you're withholding. Rediscover yourself and emerge. Bear fruits after your own kind. Be known by what you do and not by the name on your ID or birth certificate that doesn't bring food on the table. Become a person of substance.

About Dr. Kudzanai vere

Dr. Kudzanai Vere is an multiple ward winning transformational speaker, forensic accountant, business coach, published author and entrepreneur.

Dr. Vere has trained over 5000 individuals in practical business management, entrepreneurship, customer relationship management, financial literacy and leadership. Churches, organizations, parastatals, civil society groups and schools have been impacted and transformed by Dr. Vere and has been featured on the national television station on good morning Zimbabwe’s Entrepreneurship corner. He is a Columnist on Entrepreneurship in the Sunday Mail, Zimbabwe’s family newspaper.


leadership & management

All businesses starts the same, what differentiates them are the systems that the owners choose to implement in pursuit of their

forensic accounting

Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of endowments but with the poorest people. Given the mineral

motivation & coaching

Life is a collection of your thoughts packed in action. Thus you are just but an accumulation of what you set your mind

Always kept hidden in the mouth when in silence but has the potential to kill or give life to many, that’s the tongue for you

-Dr. kudzanai vere-

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